Roatán Hot Honey

Local Island honey infused with local Chili Cabro! Enjoy our island of Roatán and pick up a gift for a friend or family member or as a keep sake from your vacation and time on our island.


Roatán Hot Honey

Welcome to Roatán Hot Honey, crafted by a woman-owned business founded by Arely Gallegos, a new mom residing in Roatán. Our mission is to showcase the beauty of Roatán's culture and its people. Our honey is sourced directly from local Roatán beekeepers, while ingredients like Chili Cabro are sourced locally as well.

Roatán Hot Honey, also known as Island Hot Honey, offers a delightful balance of spice and flavor, enhancing a wide range of d... Read more

Roatán - the island and it's people

Experience the unparalleled beauty and spirit of Roatán through Roatán Hot Honey, created by a woman-owned business led by Arely Gallegos, a proud new mom and resident of this vibrant island. Roatán is renowned for its rich culture, warm hospitality, and deep-rooted appreciation for visitors who support its thriving tourism industry.

Our honey is meticulously sourced from local Roatán beekeepers, with ingredients like Chili Cabro gathered f... Read more

Enjoy Roatán, tell your friends and please return often. We thank you and God for this life.

While resorts and parks attract visitors, the true allure of Roatán lies in its untouched natural resources: pristine beaches, vibrant ocean life, breathtaking reefs, lush forests, and warm-hearted people. At Roatán Hot Honey, we encapsulate these treasures in every bottle, allowing visitors to savor a piece of Roatán's essence and take it home with them.

Crafted by a woman-owned business founded by Arely Gallegos, a proud resident and new ... Read more

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Areas Covered

Roatan, Honduras: West Bay, West End, and Coxen Hole.

Roatán's Liquid Gold!